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FaxZero is one of the best free online faxing services, but of course, there are any high-performance paid online faxing services as well. This service doesn’t need monthly subscription plans and doesn’t even need users to register. It usually works the same way — you upload the documents, enter the recipient’s information and hit send.

The fax services provide a limited number of free faxes, and for additional faxes, you will require to make a one-time payment.

While it may appear that faxing is a piece of the past, many businesses and companies rely on the practice. Many fax services out there that give online fax services to such users. However, the difficulty is most users don’t need to fax that often. For most of us, faxing is a once-a-year type of information. Where do you get a fax machine for your once-a-year fax requirements?

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1. Free Faxes

The first question that comes to thought is in regards to whether or not it is free. The answer is yes and no. It allows free fax services to some destinations with a conclusion on the number of sheets you can send per fax.

2. Ease of Use

When using FaxZero, you will regard that you are spammed with ads, and it has an old-fashioned and outdated user interface. After submitting the fax, there was no evidence of the state of the fax. Ten minutes later, an email was obtained confirming that the fax was delivered. While the services get the job completed, the overall experience was much more attractive.

3. Cover Page

Cover pages are a significant feature. Sometimes you may want to combine a small note with your fax. Furthermore, if you’re assigning to a shared fax machine (which multiple people might apply), you may want to designate who the actual recipient of the fax is. FaxZero automatically calculates a cover page for you. This is very important in these situations. FaxZero’s cover page can be beneficial, do consider into account it does come with a lot of branding and advertising content.

4. Pricing

For some of us, the free fax benefits will not be enough. You may be sending a significant record that exceeds the free fax limit, or the destination you are striving to fax to is not supported in the free plan. The great thing about both these services is that they have a “pay-as-you-go” pricing guide. That means you don’t require to pay a monthly subscription fee because you require to send the occasional large fax document. FaxZero has a relatively flat pricing model. For instance, if you wish to send a fax to the US and not covered by the free plan, you will be credited $1.99. It is the same whether you are sending one sheet or if you are sending 25 sheets. In the lower end, it’s a bit pricey. For instance, for a 5-page document, you will be paying $0.40/sheet. On the higher end, it’s not that bad — for a 25-sheet record, it comes down to more miniature than $0.10/sheet.

5. Receiving Faxes

FaxZero is an excellent tool for sending faxes, but what if you need to receive a fax? Sometimes the recipient will send a response and expect them to have a fax machine. A typical example is the IRS. It’s not every day that you will send a fax to them. However, when you do, they will typically respond via fax. To get their response, you will require to have a dedicated fax number. The service allows excellent pay-as-you-go benefits for sending faxes. If you need to receive a fax, There are subscription plans which will enable you to send and receive faxes.


FaxZero is an excellent tool for transferring the occasional fax. It offers unique free faxing options along with cost-efficient pay-as-you-go pricing for extra faxes. In the end, we must say it is great to have a tool with the capacity to send free faxes to more destinations, more real pay-as-you-go pricing and an overall more effortless user involvement.

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