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Forget tracking down a dedicated machine the next time you require to send a fax. Instead, try an online fax service.

MetroFax is one affordable alternative that let you send and get faxes via a web interface, your existing email client, or its modern mobile app. That said, its web interface requires a refresh, it doesn’t allow international numbers, and it requires digital signature tools. 

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MetroFax Cost

Like other online fax services, MetroFax allows multiple pricing tiers. The Essential plan runs $9.95 per month (up from $7.95) and allocates 500 sent or received sheets. The next tier up runs $12.95 per month and increases the number of monthly sheets to 1,000. The highest tier, called Professional, allows 2,500 sheets for $35.95 per month. The annual rates for every plan are slightly discounted. If you pass your page limit, MetroFax imposes an extra fee of three cents per sheet.

Metrofax Account Dashboard

If you’re not particular about MetroFax, the service allows a 14-day free trial. However, you ought to create an account and enter your credit card information to use it. Biscom 1-2-3 gives a free trial that doesn’t need your credit card information. There are entirely free fax solutions available, too, though most have severe limitations. 

Get Started With MetroFax

When you sign up for MetroFax, it creates a dedicated fax number in the area code of your preference. You’re restricted to US and Canadian numbers. You can, however, prefer a toll-free number with MetroFax for no additional charge.

Metrofax Inbox

Once you build an account, MetroFax creates a four-digit passcode you use to log in to the web interface. A four-digit passcode is woefully lacking from a password-strength prospect, but we are more concerned that the service emails you this passcode in plaintext, which is insecure. MetroFax does not offer any two-factor authentication alternatives. If someone hijacks your account, they can transfer faxes as if they were you, which could be disastrous. It would be enough to change your MetroFax password immediately after creating an account and using a password manager to secure all your logins.

MetroFax Web Experience

MetroFax’s interface not overdue for an upgrade and seems like a throwback to last-decade mail. It’s practical, but it’s distant from pleasure to work.

Metrofax Account Details

To transmit Fax, you start the Send Fax pane and access the pertinent information. Locations can be added on the fly or saved in the MetroFax address book. Once you address the Fax, you choose the subject line and body text, both of which appear on the fax cover sheet. You can attach up to 10 documents or 20MB worth of attachments, whichever occurs first. MetroFax continues the most common document and image file types, so you should have no trouble appending a file to your Fax. You can check any faxes in your inbox, which is essential, considering that MetroFax stores all your faxes indefinitely and that the search is dependent on those typed terms.

MetroFax via Email and Mobile

If you don’t need to deal with the web interface, you can also apply MetroFax with the existing email client. Type in the whole fax number of the recipient(s) and add to the end of every number. We like the email-to-fax feature since it uses any device capable of assigning an email into a workable fax machine. This characteristic works with the email account you used to sign up for the service and any others you compare with your MetroFax account in the settings.

MetroFax Android App

MetroFax allows an Android app and an iOS app. We examined the Android variant on an Android 11 device. The app looks like it has a straightforward and efficient design. From a hidden left-hand menu, you can enter all your inbox folders, your contacts, and the app’s settings. You can change profile information in the Settings section, toggle notification settings, and open up the app’s FAQs. MetroFax enables you to organize folders for organizing your faxes through the mobile app, too. To forward Fax, hit the circular compose button in the lower-right-hand edge. As with MetroFax’s web interface, you can append a cover sheet and any other attachments you need to send along. We didn’t run into any difficulties when sending faxes from the mobile app.

MetroFax’s Fax Quality

MetroFax managed the graphics-heavy document with few problems. It preserved all the grayscale gradients and provided clear text. The only problem was a few wavy artefacts in the page’s background. MetroFax did not do as great with the mostly-text document. It consolidated many lines of text to the point of overlap, and the text looked a little light, too. This inconsistent performance does not inspire confidence.

Affordable, But Limited

MetroFax’s 1,000-page plan offers the best price-to-page value of any online faxing service. However, it does not include digital signature tools, and its web interface becomes comparatively more antiquated each year we test it. It doesn’t offer international fax numbers and needs to revamp how it handles password and account security. Other faxing services are simply getting better, while MetroFax has mainly remained stagnant.

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