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If you want to get an online faxing service, RingCentral has different RingCentral Fax® plans that you can pick from. You can even prepare a plan that includes calls, video meetings, business SMS, and team messaging.

From Machines to Fax Software

Before we explain what fax software is, we should first establish what fax is precise. Fax, or facsimile, is conventionally what we call the technology used to broadcast scanned-in documents (printed text or images) over a communication line.

In the past, the paper is scanned by the fax machine as a single solid graphic image. It is converted to a bitmap. The bitmap file is then forwarded as electric signals through telephony. The fax machine on the other terminal accepts the bitmap file and prints it on paper as a document copy.

Of course, the internet has altered the approach we transmit documents now. As distant as peer-to-peer file sharing is involved, fax is far after other technologies like group chats, email, and social media.

Receiving FAX on a Mobile phone from a Traditional Fax Machine

Suppose you are looking for a more comprehensive unified communications solution that includes call routing and management with your faxing service. In that case, RingCentral offers various subscription plans that provide more team collaboration highlights.

How to use a Virtual Fax Service

With RingCentral, there are various alternatives on how you can handle your virtual fax assistance. Users can send and accept fax from any place and on any means by leveraging the cloud and the internet.

How to use Computer as an Online Fax Machine

There are varied ways you can transfer faxes using the computer.

You can give virtual fax through your online account. Log in to the RingCentral account and press the FaxOut icon for the fax window to pop up. From there, you can add recipients, attach a cover page and notes, append the document or data to be faxed from the local or cloud storage, and subsequently send it.

You can also send digital fax from the RingCentral app. Tap on Phone in the left pane, tap on Faxes on the main screen. You can tap on the Compose Fax icon to get the fax windows to pop up. From there, you can attach recipients, add a cover page (optional), and append the document or file to be faxed. Once set, you can tap Send.

You can also transfer fax using a RingCentral-connected email record. Enter the receiver’s 10-digit fax phone number in the recipient’s segment, followed by “@rcfax.com.” You can connect the file or document you want to fax. Once available, you can transfer the email, which the receiver will receive as a fax message. You can append the alternative to add a cover page whenever you put a text on the topic line whenever you transfer fax via email.

How to use Mobile Device as a Digital Fax Machine

The most straightforward way to transfer virtual fax from the mobile is through the RingCentral app, which is obtainable in both the Google Play Store™ and Apple App Store®.

How to use RingCentral mobile app as an Internet Fax Machine

Open your RingCentral app. To send new fax, hit on the blue plus (+) button on the bottom-right edge of the app. You will be given various alternatives—choose the topmost, which is New Fax.

Unless attaching the recipient from your existing contact list from your RingCentral app or your mobile phone, you can also manually insert the recipient’s fax phone.

The default cover page is currently established to Contempo. To choose it for another design, tap on the default and choose from another structure. If you do not need to attach a cover page, you can pick None from the alternatives.

You can add the file or document you need to fax. You can get it from your mobile’s local storage or cloud storage.

Once done, hit on the arrow on the upper-right edge of the screen to post.

With fax software, businesses can get an intelligent way to fax. By eliminating the fax machine from the equalization, you comprehend virtual fax—a more efficient, more cost-effective, more secure, more flexible, and even more environmentally friendly way to send and receive faxes.

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